Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good New & Bad News

Have you ever realized just how much you rely on your printer on a daily basis? I didn't. That is until last night. After we had returned from a Labor Day out and about yesterday, I decided to do some scrapbooking while my kiddos were busy playing. Unfortunately I was unable to print any pictures out. And of course I do all my photo printing at home. At first the coloring was off and then it just didn't print anything at all. So I hollard to my hubby to come and fix the problem for me. He usually is much quicker at fixing stuff like that than I am. Well, he tried everything. He tried cleaning the printer head. He tried replacing the ink cartridges. He tried absolutely everything he could think of and then he called Kodak. But of course it was Labor Day and they were closed for the day. So I couldn't do anything last night that had to do with my printer. So as soon as they opened up this morning my darling hubby got onto the phone and contacted them. After telling them what it was doing and what he thought it was they agreed with him that it was just what he told them. The printer head was busted!!!! The good news? Kodak is sending a replacement printer head free of charge. The bad news? I'll be without a printer for a few more days while I wait for the new printer head to arrive. At least I can still make some cards while I wait!!!

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