Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Halloween Spooks

Thought I'd post a few pictures from tonight's festivities. We started off by taking the kids trick or treating and then ended up at a harvest party at my church. Thomas was Jason from Friday the 13th. Of course I'm not into horror movies and my son is only 11 so he has never seen this movie. And he had no clue who he was dressed as. This was a last minute costume that my hubby picked out for him. Up until about 3 days ago he wasn't even sure if he wanted to dress up and go out trick or treating. But I think that the want for candy got to him and he decided to join in for one more year.
Becca was suppose to be Hannah Montana this year. She picked out what she was going to be about 10 months ago. We had the entire costume already. She had bought it with Christmas money this past Christmas. But she had managed to get the wig all tangled up and it took me 2 hours to get it all brushed out. Only to have it frizz in the end and alot of the hair to come out. So we got up early this morning and went on a hunt for a new Hannah Montana wig....with no luck. So we saw this princess wig and thought that it looked close enough to a Snow White wig....WRONG. We got it home and took it out of the package and it just didn't look right. She looked like a mix between Snow White and a girl from the Victorian Era. So I was running around the house trying to figure out how to fix this problem...with no time to run back into town to find something else....and remembered the princess dress that she wore 2 years ago for halloween. I wasn't sure if it would still fit her, but it was big on her then so we stood a good chance that it would. And sure enough it fit!! So Becca ended up being a Victorian Princess this year. I told her she reminded me of Taylor Swift in her Love Story video. Which of course I then had to show both my 5 year old and my husband what I was talking about.So after making our rounds trick or treating we went to a Harvest Party that was being held at our church. Here are a couple pictures from the fun that was going on there. This first picture is of Becca doing the limbo contest. No matter how low they put that stick she was able to go under it by just ducking.

This is her trying to eat an apple while it is on a string without using her hands. Eventually she was able to bite the apple. But she got tired of this one quick. Especially when she tried to bite down on it and her loose tooth started hurting.
This is a picture of my son and nephew putting together a puzzle. Or at least trying to. This puzzle had all the same shaped pieces and they all looked the same with only a small difference to each one. It gave me a headache trying to put it together and I love putting puzzles together.

I have to say that they had a really good time tonight. And they were both sound asleep within 5 minutes of their heads hitting their pillows tonight. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Spyder said...

Happy Halloween Mary!!Very Scarrrry Ghost, but Lovely princess though!!!

Marianne said...

Hi Mary
Your evening looked like a lot of fun and loved the costumes. Your cards are great. Am now a follower so will be back to visit. Marianne x

Gina said...

Looks like a great Halloween!