Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

We're going to be running a game of bingo just for some fun.
Yes there will be prizes. :0)
We will give the first person to get 10 numbers their choice of 1 Daisy Doodles stamp. The first person to get 20 numbers will get their choice of 3 Daisy Doodles stamps.
Interested yet???
Please leave a comment over at Daisy Doodles with an email address before Saturday! On Sunday we will email everyone who leaves a comment with their email address 20 numbers. Monday we will start the game. Each day 4 numbers will be drawn. When you have 10 numbers you leave a comment under the post stating you have 10 and the first person who does will win 1 Daisy Doodles stamp.You will do the same when you get all 20 to win 3 stamps.

1 comment:

Patricia St Martin said...

thanks Mary for sharing that. it should be fun..